How to invoice a Gnosis Safe using Bulla (rsk example)

Sending Invoices to a RSK Safe and Safe owner payments

Anyone who wishes to invoice a Gnosis Safe need only to know the Safe address. Let’s send an invoice to our RSK Safe at address 0x39f0fa29af8b6c181a0675ac76ed53338ae8c4e5 from a wallet 0xBc42F5154110819Fd12C2142f18F0476bBB051Bc

We select Create New > Invoice and fill it out like so:

Here we have billed the RSK Safe - and we have sent an email to the signatory that we know. My new dashboard should contain a new receivable for office cleaning.

RSK Safe invoice email to signatory

A signatory could receive an email and go directly to the invoice sent to an RSK Safe. Here is an example of the email sent from invoicing wallet.

If the signatory opens View Invoice he will be redirected to the bulla URL for this particular invoice.

The email is ‘context dependent’. It assumes that the person hitting ‘View Invoice’ has their wallet open in the browser. It also assumes that this wallet is a signatory to the RSK Safe.

If you get an error like

Then it is best to simply load the bulla network with your wallet and connect to the RSK Safe.

This invoice can be categorized, and it can be added later to a bundle. Alternatively, the signatory can elect to pay the invoice.

RSK Safe outside invoice payment

Let’s hit the Pay button

We sign the transaction that we want to pay

We are greeted with a message from Bulla telling us that this transaction will need confirmation and execution from the RSK Safe.

We can enter ‘View’ to go to the RSK Safe. Here is what the Safe looks like

The earlier contract interaction (30) was recognition of Safe to the minted NFT invoice sent from our invoicer. The awaiting execution transaction is waiting for all signatories to confirm - and finally execute payment. This RSK Safe has one signatory, so the safe knows it only needs to execute.

Inside the safe, 0x89..5e6d must execute

If we go back to looking at the RSK Safe as signatory 0x89.. We see no pending payable but in payments made we see the payment.

The office cleaner will see on their Bulla dashboard a payment received.

He can see the detail by opening the >

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