How to enable Gnosis in Bulla BankerEnabling the Bulla Banker-Gnosis Module

Enabling the Bulla Banker-Gnosis Module
To get started with Bulla Banker, visit
Connect your wallet (Metamask, for example) when prompted.
If your wallet is associated to a Gnosis Safe, the following banner will appear at the top of the app:
Bulla Protocol asks if you want to use Gnosis multi sig or your own wallet
NOTE: If you disregard the banner to connect to Gnosis, you can always connect to it by going to the settings, represented by the cogwheel at the top right of the page.
If the Bulla Banker-Gnosis module was not previously installed, the following prompt will appear. Click install to continue.
We are ready to ENABLE Bulla protocol within Gnosis
Once Install is selected, the app will wait until all necessary signatories have confirmed the transaction.
Gnosis must enableModule for Bulla to integrate with Gnosis