How to send invoices to a Gnosis Safe using Bulla

This page goes over adding an invoice within Gnosis and seeing it get paid
In this example, our Gnosis Safe will send an invoice to another user (Metamask wallet).
When connected as the Gnosis Safe, press 'Create Invoice'.
Create an Invoice in our Gnosis safe
Once the invoice details are entered, press 'Send' to approve the gas to create this accounting (NFT). NOTE: Gas will be charged to the current signatory wallet and NOT the shared Gnosis wallet.
Press 'Confirm' and located the Pending Receivables in the Home page:
pending receivables in Gnosis wallet
Let's have a look how this might look for the other wallet sharing in our same Gnosis wallet.
Switching to other wallet that shares same Gnosis wallet
REMEMBER - Bulla Banker can be used both with Gnosis Safe AND standalone (i.e. Metamask). The invoice is NOT displayed for this Bulla, even though this wallet is also an owner of the Gnosis Safe. Only when connecting to Bulla Banker as the Gnosis Safe can the invoice be displayed and paid.
To view claims addressed to the Gnosis wallet, you must connect to the Safe.
Let's connect to our shared Gnosis wallet - use the settings icon at top right
use Bulla within Gnosis
The pending receivable is now displayed.
We see pending receivables for shared Gnosis safe
We could open this invoice and look at the details.
Details of invoice in Gnosis
It is interesting that at this point - even though the invoice has been created and sent -ANY signatory, could RESCIND the invoice. The invoice will be seen as rescinded by any signatory - as well as the invoiced person.
Let's add the Account Tag - to keep things a little organized in our company. We see there is another tag already started - MikeDAO services - let's modify the invoice to this existing tag.
We enter pull down ..
Adding a tag to a shared Gnosis wallet invoice
Looking at the Gnosis Transactions - we see an invoice contact interaction and NFT creation have been made. We also see a contract interaction - for changing the accounting tags
Back in Bulla Banker, go to the invoice in question and press
to see events relating to this claim.
View Logs in Bulla APP
Let's observe what our invoiced person sees using their wallet and the Bulla APP.
They will load their wallet and go
They will see their payables to the Gnosis wallet. (0xf68e8A8713e5A43a3d20C444161e08a4c8BFf6bb)
A stand-alone User with an invoice from a Gnosis Safe.
As we used an email to notify the invoiced person, they should have in their email the following:
A BullaBanker email
Let's have this user pay the 1.25 for Figma designs. As we are billing in ERC20, the payor must approve the spend of their ERC20.
Approve the ERC20 spend - then pay
Confirm and modal changes to PAY
Pay the invoice in ERC20 USDC
The user goes to View All Payments and sees
A person has paid into our Gnosis safe
We see in Gnosis frontend a deposit of 1.25 USDC
We also see in the Bulla Banker app inside Gnosis and updated dashboard.
Invoice is paid