How to connect to a Gnosis Safe to Bulla Dashboard

Start using your Gnosis Safe in Bulla Banker

NOTE: Enabling the BullaBanker-Gnosis Module is required for this step. Complete the previous step first.

Let's assume we want the Gnosis wallet to invoice. We can imagine we are a DAO or company and we have performed some service.

The Bulla integration uses the safe transaction element in the Gnosis protocol. Any accounting item you want to manage for your DAO or company, an individual signatory can enter the detail. The signatory pays the gas to manage these items.

There are three ways to connect to a Gnosis Safe:

  1. Upon first connection to Bulla Banker, at Step 2 in the Onboarding process, locate the blue box to connect to a Safe

2. Using the Blue Banner at the top of the app once connected with your wallet.

3. Going to the Settings (cogwheel at the top right) and pressing Connect.

Once the Connect to a Gnosis Safe modal appears, enter your Safe address to connect to it. Assign it an optional name if desired. The safe below is named Test.

Once connected to Bulla Banker using a Gnosis Safe, fixed green banners at the top and bottom of the page indicate all performed actions will be executed by the connected Gnosis Safe, not the connected wallet.

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