How to pay invoices using Bulla and Gnosis Safe

What to do when our Gnosis Safe receives an invoice
Let's imagine a person has performed some service for the shared Gnosis wallet and they want to invoice it.
This person has a wallet address: 0xbc42...51bc
They will invoice our Gnosis Safe at 0xf68e...f6bb
The person's Bulla Banker Dashboard has a new pending receivable of 0.5 USDC
Pending invoice to our Gnosis safe
Let's open the Gnosis Safe with wallet with signatory: 0x89e03...5e6D
NOTE: Bulla Banker will default to standalone mode.
We can go to Settings and connect to a Gnosis Safe.
Connect to your Gnosis shared wallet
In the dashboard, there is a pending payable for 0.5 USDC
Let's pay this invoice. First, we must approve the pay in ERC20. Anyone in the Gnosis safe may pay the gas to approve this - no multi signature required.
We are ready to pay the invoice
Pay an invoice within Gnosis Safe
Press 'Pay' and wait. The required signatories (according to the safe's policy) must confirm the transaction for it to be executed.
A payment needs approval on Gnosis
In Gnosis, see the following transaction:
Waiting for confirmation and execution of an invoice sent to Gnosis safe
When switching to the second owner's (signatory) wallet, the transaction can be seen needing confirmation and/or execution.
Transaction awaits approval
Approve the transaction.
Approval of an invoice
Look at the assets in the Gnosis safe.
Updated amounts in the Gnosis safe
Go back to Bulla Banker and locate made payments.
Invoice is paid in Bulla
NOTE: Due to the asynchronous nature of blockchain apps, Bulla Banker and Gnosis could lead to following:
A person could invoice a Gnosis safe. Bulla Banker users in Gnosis could EACH 'approve and Pay' the invoice. Gnosis will still require one of the parties to 'Execute' the payment. Gnosis wallet will show for both parties that the invoice has been confirmed, but one signatory must finally execute payment.
It is simplest for one signatory to pay an invoice and have others look at the gnosis dashboard to confirm and execute.