Batch Payroll using Bulla and a Gnosis Safe (rsk example)

We demonstrate batch payroll using RSK Safe - similar to Gnosis on other chains

A quick guide to batch payments in Bulla.

It is easy to load data into Bulla and get started managing recurring payments on-chain. There are a few steps to be taken to get started using a recurring batch. We assume you have a spreadsheet detailing what you want to do. If you do not, you can create a recurring batch payment by skipping the spreadsheet upload.

We assume you have a RSK Safe multi signature.

Spreadsheet and csv

First put data into a spreadsheet like below

(NB - Token addresses on RSK should be lowercase. If you enter token addresses with upper case, you will get errors)

Next download/export this spreadsheet to a csv file

Quick look at RSK Safe we are using

We are ready to import a batch payment into Bulla. But first, let’s take a glance at our RSK Safe.

I have set one up as below …

You can see that my wallet 0x89e… is a signatory to this multi sig

You can set more owners but for this demo I kept owners to 0x89e…

Connecting Bulla Dashboard to RSK Safe using your signatory wallet

0x89e.. wallet loaded in browser, go to and get to Bulla Banker dashboard.

At the top of the dashboard, you can connect to the multisig wallet - We call it Gnosis - I know it is called RSK Safe ..

Now Bulla Banker is set to the multisig wallet 0x39F… as signatory 0x89e…

Create a new Batch from CSV

We can now do a batch payroll as follows …

Pulldown the options on

Batch Payment

Select schedule a payment

Each batch requires ‘starting data’ this data is used to form the batch, but if we upload a csv file, this data is overwritten

Select Import from CSV

Here you can select your csv file to upload

We load our csv file and we we get a message :

After the save we should have the below:

If there is an error or we want to change RDOC or other items, we can edit in this panel.

We hit continue and create claims - and sign the transaction.

Confirm in signatory wallet .. in this case metamask

When the transactions are completed we should have the following in the Bulla dashboard

You can see our pending payables in the pending payables panel

What payment recipient sees when using emails

As we entered a few email addresses in our spreadsheet, people will be getting alerts that their wallet has a pending payable from our multi sig wallet 0x39F… These emails will be held in local storage and not posted to the blockchain. An example email is below:

In the above case, if the owner of wallet 0x5C33 clicks on View Payment, the browser attempts to open the bulla network URL for that claim a below :

OR - if they open Bulla,network with their wallet, they will see a pending receivable

What any wallet might see on our RSK Safe - as signatory or not

It is interesting to note that any signatory - or any wallet knowing the multisig wallet address could look at the dashboard for that multisig. Here I am wallet 0xBC4… looking at the multisig 0x39F…

NB - it may take time for the front end to find the data on the logs but it will refresh over time ..

Transactions are loaded - let’s bundle and get signatories to confirm & execute batch

So, we are ready to batch pay payroll. To start a transaction batch of all pending payments we need to be a signatory wallet. Let’s load 0x89e.. And get started from the dashboard.

Connect to Gnosis Safe (RSK safe)

To bundle payments we must open each payment and add it to the bundle using the ‘+’ command.

When the bundle is finished, we can then send this bundled transaction to the RSK safe for all signatories to confirm and execute

We click on the + to add to bundle

We should see a message lower right of screen

X out of payment details and continue on to next payroll item … at the end we should have in the bundler 3 transactions

Next, we click on the transaction bundle to send off to the RSK safe

RSK Safe bundle transaction posted - time to confirm transaction & execute

Back in our RSK Safe, we should see a pending batch transaction

We open the transaction and as we are the only signer, we execute .. if there were more signatories .. each would need to sign the bundle - and the last one to sign would trigger an execution in gnosis, payments and an update to the bulla.

Our Safe should look like the below - after settling on the RSK Blockchain

Refreshed Bulla dashboard of RSK Safe - showing recent payments

If I refresh my Bulla Banker view for the RSK Safe I see

I have no pending payables but in my payments made view I should see

Each person to whom I have sent money - will see in their recent payments in their panel.

So for wallet 0x5C3 … on their dashboard, they will see a payment made.

Reusing a batch payment in Bulla

If I come to next month and payroll, I can select Batch payments …

This time - I have an existing old batch .. I can load this old batch by clicking on it.

When I hit continue, I can edit the details …

When I am finished, I continue, and these future payment claims are created in the Bulla and are ready to be bundled and paid.

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