How to receive payments from Bulla into a Gnosis Safe

What if your company/DAO wins a grant?

NB - we have deprecated remittance language to payment - these are direct payments that are documented.

After the Salsa Competition, your DAO earned a cleanup reward offered by your crypto Janitor. He created a remittance as below to our Gnosis Safe wallet address.

Let's assume that the remitter (Janitor) wants to pay the remittance later. He presses 'Pay Later'.

In Bulla Banker, we see a payable on the dashboard - Winner of the Salsa cleanup reward. It is not yet paid.

When switching to the Gnosis wallet and locate the pending receivables, we see the reward.

Gnosis signatories can see that they have won the reward, but the payment has not occurred. As soon as the remitting person pays, we get an update to our gnosis safe

So back to the remitting in Bulla Banker. We have paid the reward and see our dashboard as below:

Let's go back to Bulla Banker with the Gnosis Safe connected. We will see that the remittance has been paid.

If we look at the Gnosis dashboard, we will see that a claim NFT was made and paid to the Gnosis wallet.

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