How to document payments using Bulla into a Gnosis Safe

Bulla Banker allows you to make remittances (documented payments).

A remittance (payment, check or grant) is easily done wallet to wallet. It would not require a protocol. The remittance function in Bulla Banker is to document payments. Like a check registry.

Remember to connect to Gnosis wallet. See here.

Imagine a person has won a competition and we want to send them a reward. We open Bulla Banker and

NB - We have changed modal to say Create New Payment (used to be called create remittance) This gitbook still shows the general flow of a payment/remittance.

Next, pay the remittance - press Pay

NOTE: No payment may be made in Gnosis Safe without confirmation from the other signatories. Bulla Banker tells us that confirmations must be obtained in Gnosis.

The other wallet signatory will see the pending remittance on Bulla Banker.

The other signatory wallet will see the pending remittance on Bulla Banker.

Use the Gnosis dashboard to confirm and submit, as there are only 2 signatories, and this signatory is last to confirm, the remittance is executed.

In the case that all parties only use Bulla Banker, there will be sufficient confirmations for payment, BUT some signatory will need to go into Gnosis dashboard and execute the transaction. Bulla Banker can only create and confirm accounting details - execution must be done via Gnosis. (it's why you have multi sig wallets)

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